Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver)

Hoya Carnosa AH-074 (Silver)

Hoyas are a genus of epiphytic climbing plants native to South Asia and other tropical climates. Hoyas are popular amongst plant enthusiasts for their relatively low maintenance requirements and their beautiful foliage. There are more than 500 cultivars of the hoya plant, and many cultivars are prized for their variegation patterns. 

Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) is yet another rare Hoya cultivar; rare cultivars are known as collector’s hoyas. The stunning collector's Hoya called as "Silver" is distinguished by its half-moon shape and highly variegated silver foliage. Each fresh leaf is a mystery for people who adore variegation, which makes this variety rewarding to grow. It thrives when growing on a pole or trellis, like the majority of Hoyas. It is considered to be a hybrid of the Hoya Carnosa cultivar “Grey Ghost” and Hoya pubicalyx. This hoya also tends to bloom relatively early, putting out pink flowers with maroon centers. 

Unlike other hoya cultivars, this Hoya reverts easily, meaning that it loses its variegation if conditions are not ideal. Plant collectors tend to cut off reverted leaves and place this hoya in front of fans, as air circulation helps this hoya to establish its variegation patterns.  While considered relatively low maintenance, it needs some care to get established. Once established and rooted, Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) requires little maintenance, especially when watering and maintaining humidity levels are concerned.


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Specie name: Hoya carnosa 'Grey Ghost' x Hoya pubicalyx

Origin: Undetermined. 

Plant type: flowering vine 

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Common names: waxplant, hoya 074

Caring for the

Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver)

Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) is a bit finicky when it is first being established or repotted. Many plant collectors use humidity domes and pebble trays along with warm lights to stimulate its growth. Once established, these hoyas do well in bright indirect light at a humidity range of 40-60%.


High maintenance before putting down roots. 

Requires warm temperatures. 

Humidity range at 40-70%

Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) Detail

Light Requirements:

  • Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) thrives best in bright indirect light, with a few hours of full sunlight thrown in.
  • Most plant collectors use artificial sunlight to aid the growing of this hybrid. Doing so ensures a constant light state that helps the hoya develop its characteristic silver leaves. 
  • You may need to grow your hoya under artificial lights first in order to help it establish its root system. After that, you can place your hoya in indirect sunlight, preferably near south-east facing windows.

Temperature Requirements:


Humidity Requirements:

  • Hoya carnosa AH-074 (Silver) requires high humidity levels to help it establish its root system. Afterwards, humidity levels must be maintained to develop its beautiful variegation pattern. 
  • You can use a humidity dome to trap moisture when it is growing. Place your plant on a pebble tray and cover it with the humidity dome. The plant grows well and quickly under a humidity dome; you may soon need to remove the humidity dome entirely when the plant outgrows it. 
  • You can also use small fans to keep some air circulation around the plant. Doing so prevents moisture buildup in th soil and also allows this hoya to develop its variegation. 
  • Misting during dry spells is also ideal.

Watering Requirements:

All hoyas generally dislike being watered on a regular basis, and thrive in dry conditions. However, it is vital that your hoya must not dry out. 

Water your hoya once every one or two weeks, or when the soil is dry. 

You can check whether the soil is dry or not by doing the finger test. If the top digit of your finger comes up dry when inserted into the potting soil, it is time to water.

Soil Requirements:

  • All hoyas require well-draining, aerated soil. They do not do well in soils that are compact, clayey and retain too much moisture. Excessive moisture in the soil can cause root rot, which is easily preventable by choosing airy soil. 
  • You can use regular potting mix with some sand, perlite and sphagnum moss to create your own potting mix. 
  • If you are unsure, you can always getting orchid potting mix, and treat it with coconut coir or moss to lighten its texture.

Fertilizing Requirements:

  • Foliage plants all require nitrogen-based fertilizers to aid in leaf growth. SInce hoyas are flowering vines, it is also ideal to use a nitrogen-based fertilizer with some phosphorus. Phosphorus supports flowering, while nitrogen supports healthy leaf growth. 
  • During the growing (summer) season, fertilize your hoya with root strengthening mixes and some orchid foliar spray to help them maintain ideal growth. 
  • Leave off fertilizng your hoya in the winters.


This hoya does not require much pruning, but some plant enthusiasts tend to take off reverted leaves to help with variegation development. 


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