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Well rooted Hoya latifolia "Snow Queen" (formerly macrophylla) planted in Jeffrey's Hoya mix. Two plants in this pot.

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Hoya Latifolia 'Snow Queen'

The Hoya latifolia is a hoya that is native to Southeast Asia and Australia. In its natural habitat, it grows in trees and other greenery with the help of special epiphytic structures. Its rapid adaptation to the local tropical climate makes it a simple plant to cultivate. This plant was formerly mistakenly known as Hoya macrophylla, owing to its large leaves.

The large, disc-shaped leaves of this plant are one of its defining characteristics. The striking venation on its fleshy leaves turns a faint shade of red when exposed to direct sunlight.

The Hoya latifolia 'Snow Queen' is a variegated variety of Hoya latifolia 'Snow Queen' and features a silvery variegation that covers almost the entire leaf, giving it a splotchy silver appearance. The leaves almost appear to glow.


The inflorescence consists of a number of hanging or more upright flowers arranged in an umbel. The flowers are a light cream colour. They appear to be made of wax and are born in clusters with a star-like shape. The surface of the flower is smooth and devoid of the tiny hairs typical of many other Hoya. They have a strong scent.

The plant blooms from spring until late summer; on the same peduncle, it can produce umbels of 10 to 30 tiny star-shaped flowers that develop gradually over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. Early in the evening is when the scent is strongest.

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  • Bright indirect light. 
  • Temperature range 16-28 degrees
  • Humidity requirements 60% and above
  • Well-draining soil
  • Less watering
  • Organic fertilizing once or twice a month.
Learn More About Hoya Latifolia 'Snow Queen'

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