Climbing Hoyas


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Hoya Insularis INS001Hoya Insularis INS001
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Hoya argentea princess ap013Hoya argentea princess ap013
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Hoya Tequila Sunrise SUN010Hoya Tequila Sunrise SUN010
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Hoya collina ‘Papua’ (Splash) Hcp003Hoya collina ‘Papua’ (Splash) Hcp003
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Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB004Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB004
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Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB003Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB003
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Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB002Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB002
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Hoya Sabah RP13 hsr001Hoya Sabah RP13 hsr001
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Hoya heuschkeliana (albomarginata) hha001Hoya heuschkeliana (albomarginata) hha001
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Hoya Insularis INS006Hoya Insularis INS006
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Hoya Insularis INS004Hoya Insularis INS004
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Hoya clemensiorum cl003
Hoya clemensiorum cl003 Sale price$45.00
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Hoya clemensiorum cl002Hoya clemensiorum cl002
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Hoya Sunrise sun001Hoya Sunrise sun001
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Hoya subquintuplinervis new moon (former H. pachyclada)Hoya subquintuplinervis new moon (former H. pachyclada)
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002 Sale price$80.00
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001 Sale price$80.00
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA003
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA002Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA002
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA001Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA001
Hoya dennisii frida hdf003Hoya dennisii frida hdf003
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Hoya dennisii frida hdf002Hoya dennisii frida hdf002
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Hoya dennisii frida hdf001Hoya dennisii frida hdf001
Hoya dennisii frida hdf001 Sale price$250.00
Hoya argentea princess ap004Hoya argentea princess ap004

Climbing Hoyas

Climbing Hoyas are a variety of Hoya plant that are known for their ability to climb and grow vertically. These plants are native to tropical regions of Asia and Australia and are also known as Wax Plants due to their waxy foliage and flowers.

Climbing Hoyas typically have long, flexible stems that can grow up to several meters in length. Climbing Hoyas are typically grown on trellises, poles, or other support structures to allow their stems to climb and grow vertically. They prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, and can be propagated through stem cuttings.

One of the benefits of growing Climbing Hoyas is their unique and attractive appearance. As they grow vertically, they can add a dramatic visual element to any indoor or outdoor space. They are also relatively low-maintenance and can be grown in a range of indoor or outdoor settings.

Climbing Hoyas are a popular choice for those looking to add some variety to their plant collection, and their unique growth habit and attractive flowers make them a standout addition to any indoor or outdoor garden.