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Collecting rare hoya plants has emerged as a captivating hobby for gardening enthusiasts across Canada and the United States. These strikingly beautiful, low-maintenance plants, known for their stunning foliage and captivating flowers, have piqued the interest of collectors who are eager to explore the exotic world of hoya varieties. With an ever-growing community of dedicated collectors, the pursuit of these botanical gems has become a delightful adventure that fosters camaraderie, knowledge sharing, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.


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Hoya burmanica BURM002Hoya burmanica BURM002
Hoya burmanica BURM002 Sale price$50.00
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Hoya burmanica BURM001Hoya burmanica BURM001
Hoya burmanica BURM001 Sale price$50.00
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Hoya Insularis INS001Hoya Insularis INS001
Hoya Insularis INS001 Sale price$125.00
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Hoya argentea princess ap013Hoya argentea princess ap013
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Hoya Tequila Sunrise SUN010Hoya Tequila Sunrise SUN010
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Hoya collina ‘Papua’ (Splash) Hcp003Hoya collina ‘Papua’ (Splash) Hcp003
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Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB004Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB004
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Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB003Hoya bella ‘Lida Buis’ BLB003
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Hoya Sabah RP13 hsr001Hoya Sabah RP13 hsr001
Hoya Sabah RP13 hsr001 Sale price$100.00
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Hoya heuschkeliana (albomarginata) hha001Hoya heuschkeliana (albomarginata) hha001
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Hoya Insularis INS006Hoya Insularis INS006
Hoya Insularis INS006 Sale price$85.00
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Hoya Insularis INS004Hoya Insularis INS004
Hoya Insularis INS004 Sale price$65.00
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Hoya clemensiorum cl003
Hoya clemensiorum cl003 Sale price$45.00
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Hoya clemensiorum cl002Hoya clemensiorum cl002
Hoya clemensiorum cl002 Sale price$45.00
Hoya subquintuplinervis new moon (former H. pachyclada)Hoya subquintuplinervis new moon (former H. pachyclada)
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd002 Sale price$80.00
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001
Hoya Silver Dollar hsd001 Sale price$80.00
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA003
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA002Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA002
Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA001Hoya Quinquenervia Albo 'little plu' QA001
Hoya dennisii frida hdf003Hoya dennisii frida hdf003
Hoya dennisii frida hdf003 Sale price$180.00
Hoya dennisii frida hdf002Hoya dennisii frida hdf002
Hoya dennisii frida hdf002 Sale price$250.00
Hoya dennisii frida hdf001Hoya dennisii frida hdf001
Hoya dennisii frida hdf001 Sale price$250.00
Hoya argentea princess ap004Hoya argentea princess ap004

What makes different varieties of hoyas rare?

There are several factors that can make different varieties of hoya plants rare and highly sought after by collectors. One of the main reasons is their limited availability, which can be due to their natural habitat being hard to access, or simply because they are not commonly propagated in nurseries. Some species of hoya plants are also rare due to their unique physical characteristics, such as unusual leaf shapes or flower colors. Additionally, certain species of hoya plants may have unique growth habits or requirements that make them more difficult to care for than other types of houseplants, which can further contribute to their rarity. Finally, the demand for certain varieties of hoya plants among collectors can also drive up their rarity and value, as they become more difficult to obtain over time. All of these factors combine to create a diverse and fascinating world of rare hoya plants that are highly prized by collectors around the world.