Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis'

Hoya Bella 'Anneke Buis'

The Hoya bella ‘Anneke Buis’ plant, also referred to as the Hoya Bella Albomarginata, is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis’ is a lovely Hoya that cascades over the ground and has small, stout, light green leaves with white margins. The petals are pure white, and the centers of the flowers are vivid pink. Absolutely breathtaking!

The stunning outer margin variegated (or commonly misnamed Albomarginata) variety of Hoya has leaves that are flat and green overall, but the edges are cream and variegated with white. This Hoya plant certainly lives up to its name, Bella, which is derived from the word “beautiful.”

Hoya bella has waxy leaves, and in the blooming season, this plant produces clusters of tiny star-shaped white flowers with a pinkish-purple center that has a sweet fragrance. It is also known as a honey plant due to its sweet fragrance.

It is more suitable for pendant cultivation. Its leaves are small, measuring 3 cm in length, and 1 cm in width, with a lowered central vein, and the edges of the leaves, are white.

Its flowers are white with pink/purple corona, resembling red beads, and you will find 07-10 flowers in each bunch. The flowers last about 8 days and are born at the tips of the branches. Requires a warm and humid environment but does not tolerate excessive humidity. Needs clarity but can’t stand the direct sun. It should be cultivated like an orchid, mixing a lot of expanded clay with the substrate.


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Scientific name: Hoya Bella ‘Anneke Buis’ (also known as Hoya bella (outer margin variegated) and commonly misnamed Hoya bella (Albomarginata)

Origin: China, India, Indonesia, Australia

Flower color: White flower with purple center

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Type:Flowering vine

Caring for the

Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis'

Hoya bella is incredibly low-maintenance for indoor gardens as long as you don’t let it dry out. For this plant, pick a lightweight, quickly draining potting mix. And maintain the potting soil at a light moisture level in the summer and dry in the winter.

Only feed your plant with a balanced, diluted fertilizer in the spring and summer when it is actively growing.


  • Light: bright indirect, direct light is fine for a few hours, but please avoid the summer sun
  • Soil: organic, well-draining. Please plant all hoyas in very well-draining loose soil; hoyas don’t like sitting in set soggy soil.
  • Water: allow to dry out slightly between waterings.
  • Fertilizer: slow release
  • Temperatures: 18 – 26°C

Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis' Care Detail

Light Requirements:

  • Without enough sunlight, Hoya bella (outer margin variegated) may struggle to grow and will lose its leaves.
  • Bright indirect and direct light is fine for a few hours, but please avoid the summer sun
  • To maximize the potential for growth, place it less than three feet from a window that faces south.

Temperature Requirements:

  • Temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius are within its comfort range.
  • 15 degrees Celsius is the lowest temperature it can tolerate for an extended period.

Humidity Requirements:

  • They enjoy the dappled shade in their natural habitat. Humidity will do wonders!
  • Additional humidity is not necessary for Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis'. The best way to provide humidity for your plants is to water the soil because plants absorb the majority of their water through their roots rather than their leaves.

Watering Requirements:

  • Because it thrives in dry soil, Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis' should only receive minimal irrigation.
  • Water Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis' enough to maintain moisture. Avoid over-watering but keep in mind that bella does not like to dry out in between watering, unlike other members of the hoya family.

Soil Requirements:

  • The Hoya bella (outer margin variegated) thrives in soil that drains well. Lots of organic matter, like coco coir, as well as perlite or vermiculite, to aid in drainage will be present in healthy soil. It should work if you mix some perlite into regular potting soil from the store.
  • Please plant all hoyas in very well-draining loose soil; hoyas don’t like sitting in set soggy soil.

Fertilizing Requirements:

  • The majority of potting soils are rich in nutrients that plants can use to grow new growth.
  • Your plant will probably have sufficiently grown by the time the nutrients in its soil have been used up to require a larger pot anyhow.
  • Repot your Hoya bella (outer margin variegated) after it has doubled in size or once a year, whichever comes first, to replenish the nutrients.


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The dormancy pattern of Hoya bella (outer margin variegated) is unusual. Check over and over to ensure they receive enough water and sunlight if you notice a significant slowdown in their growth.