Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073

Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073

Hoya Finlaysonii UT-073 is a species of hoya plant native to India and Sri Lanka. It is an evergreen vine that can reach up to six feet in length, with waxy leaves and a profusion of star-shaped flowers. The flowers are typically white or pink, with five petals each. 

The leaves of the Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073 are large with tapered tips, with the leaves featuring a dark venation pattern. A rather slow-growing cultivar, the Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073 features orange-pink blooms that last for upto a week during the growing season.


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Scientific name: Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073

Common names: 

Origin: Hybrid.

Flower colour: N/A

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae (Asclepiadaceae)

Kingdom: Plantae

Type:Flowering vine

How to care for the

Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-073?

This species of Hoya is suited for growing indoors or outdoors in warm climates, as it prefers humid conditions and partial shade or bright indirect light. With proper care and attention, the plant can live for many years and produce a stunning display of fragrant blooms during the summer months.


  • Bright indirect light
  • Semi-arid conditions
  • Well-draining soil with organic content
  • Fertilizing during the growing season
  • Temperature range 15-25 C
  • Humidity 40-60%

Hoya Finlaysonii Ut-07 Care Detail

Light Requirements:

  • Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 prefers bright but indirect sunlight. The ideal placement for this plant would be in an east or west facing window with a sheer curtain covering it during the day to diffuse direct sun rays. It should also be placed away from any heating or cooling vents that could dry out the air around the plant too quickly.
  • Secondly, Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 should be exposed to low levels of artificial lights for at least 6 hours per day if it does not receive sufficient natural sunlight. This could include fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting fixtures placed near the plant (but not directly above it). If using LED lights, make sure they are cool white or daylight colored bulbs as warm lights can burn the foliage of this species.

Temperature Requirements:

  • The optimal temperatures for Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 are between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and at night they should be kept in the range of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who want to create a comfortable environment for their plants, here are some tips:
  • It is also essential to keep an eye on the temperature of your house as a whole, since sudden changes in temperature can be detrimental to your plants’ health. For example, an abrupt drop in temperature could cause leaves to turn yellow or brown due to cold shock.
  • On the other hand, if you place your Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 too close to a heating source or find that there’s no airflow around them, then you may notice signs of heat stress such as wilting or drooping leaves.

Humidity Requirements:

  • Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 is best suited for humid environments. This means that the air should have an average relative humidity of at least 40%. During the warmer summer months, it should be closer to 50%.
  •  The best way to maintain this level of humidity is by misting the leaves daily and keeping the soil consistently moist. 
  • Additionally, placing a shallow tray of water underneath the pot can help raise the ambient humidity around the plant, as long as it does not come into contact with its roots.
  • To lessen your work maintaining humidity levels, use a humidifier.

Watering Requirements:

  •  It should be watered with room temperature water, ideally no more than twice a week, but it is recommended to check the soil moisture before watering.
  • During the growing season, the soil should be kept evenly moist. In winter, when the plant goes into dormancy, it should not be watered too often as this may lead to root rot and other diseases.
  • It is also necessary to provide adequate drainage for Hoya finlaysonii UT-073. If there is inadequate drainage or if the soil remains too wet for an extended period of time, then root rot can occur. 
  • Therefore, it is important to use a well-draining potting mix and ensure that pots have drainage holes at the bottom.

Soil Requirements:

  • The ideal soil for Hoya finlaysonii UT-073 should be slightly acidic, with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. 
  • The soil should also be well-draining so that the roots do not become waterlogged and rot away. 
  • Additionally, the soil should contain plenty of organic matter such as compost or peat moss to help retain moisture and provide nutrients for the plant. It is important to ensure that the soil does not become too dry or too wet, as this will affect its growth and flowering potential.
  • When planting Hoya finlaysonii UT-073, it is best to use a potting mix specifically designed for epiphytic plants like hoyas or an equal mixture of coir fiber, perlite, and peat moss. 
  • This will help ensure that the roots have adequate drainage while retaining enough moisture for healthy growth.

Fertilizing Requirements:

  • The most ideal fertilizer would be one formulated specifically for epiphytic plants such as Hoya finlaysonii. 
  • Fertilizers should always be mixed at half strength or less and applied every 2-4 weeks during its active growing period.
  • During the winter months when it is dormant, fertilizers can still be used but should be reduced to a quarter strength or less and only applied once a month. Lastly, extra care must be taken not to burn the roots with too much fertilizer; therefore, avoid applying any near its base or directly on the soil.


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