Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver

Hoya lacunosa Louisa Silver

Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver is indeed a captivating variant of the Hoya Lacunosa Silver, with its stunning, almost entirely silver leaves. The unique foliage sets it apart from its relative, adding an air of sophistication and visual interest to any indoor space.

The narrower, sharper leaves of Hoya Louisa's Silver, combined with their succulent and smooth texture, create an appealing contrast to the more common green houseplants. Despite its striking appearance, this plant is relatively low-maintenance, making it suitable for plant enthusiasts of all skill levels.


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Scientific name: Hoya lacunosa blume

Common name:  Lacunosa wax plant, Wax Porcelain flower, Grooved Wax Flower, Cinnamon-scented wax plant, waxvine

Origin: South Asia 

Flower colour: White with yellow centres

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Type: Flowering vine

Common name: Hoya lacunosa (Louisa's Silver)

Caring for your

Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver

Due to its smaller size as compared to other hoyas, this plant rewards your care with almost immediate growth results. If you maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels with watering control, your Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver will thrive.


  • Moderate care
  • Indirect, bright, diffused sunlight or shade
  • Temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity of 60% and higher.
  • Watering only when soil is dry at 1-2 inches
  • Free draining soil
  • Low pH range

Hoya lacunosa (Silver) Care Detail

Light Requirements:

  • While Hoya plants, in general, may thrive in a variety of lighting situations, bright, indirect light is preferable for a Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver
  • Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver thrives in the partial or full shade outside, but make sure any direct sunlight isn’t too severe. The delicate leaves of this plant should only be exposed to early morning sunlight. 
  • Excessive sunlight can cause leaf burn, so ensure that your Hoya is nowhere near bright direct sunlight. 
  • The plant has a lesser chance of flowering when indoors. However, the plant will put out blooms given adequate light and fertilization during the growing season. 
  • During the winter season, you can place your Hoya under warm artificial light so that it remains healthy during its dormancy phase.

Temperature Requirements:

  • As with other hoyas, the Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver thrives best in a temperature range of 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • If you live in a temperate zone, the Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver can grow well outside as well. 
  • During the winter months, ensure your plant is placed in a warm area of your home. You can use heating pads and warm lights for this. 
  • Additionally, use a pebble tray and warm water to keep your Hoya lacunosa’s soil warm and cozy. 
  • The kitchen and bathroom are two places within a house that remain warm during the winter. You can place your Hoya there.

Humidity Requirements:

  • All hoyas thrive in high humidity levels. Humidity ranges of 60-80% are best for Hoya Lacunosa Louisa's Silver, although it can still grow well in the 55% range. 
  • The plant benefits from periodic misting of its leaves during the summer months. You can use a small humidifier or a pebble tray to maintain humidity levels. 
  • During the winter months, placing your plant in the bathroom can provide it with much-needed heat and humidity.

Watering Requirements:

  • Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver is particularly susceptible to root rot due to overwatering. 
  • Only water it when the top two inches of soil is dry. You can check this by inserting your index finger into the potting soil. If the top joint of your finger comes out wet, then you should not water it. However, if it’s dry, it is time to water your Hoya. 
  • Stick to a flexible watering schedule during the summer months. It might need more water, and the soil will dry out faster since the summer season is the active growing phase for Hoya lacunosa (Silver) 
  • It will not require much watering during the winter.

Soil Requirements:

  • In general, epiphytes do not need much soil in the wild because they take in water and nutrients from the air with their exposed root system. 
  • Soil mixes need to replicate somewhat of their natural habitat. You will require well-draining soil that is not compact and provides aeration to the roots. 
  • Orchid mixes, succulent mixes or an African Violet mix will be the best choice.

Fertilizing Requirements:

  • In the cooler, darker months, the Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver will benefit from an evenly balanced houseplant fertilizer (such as a “2-2-2” recipe) diluted to half-strength once every six weeks or so. 
  • This schedule could be increased to once or twice a month during the active growth season. 
  • Since the Hoya lacunosa Louisa's Silver does not put out flowers, you can keep using a fertilizer designed for foliage plants in the ratio mentioned above.


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