Hoya latifolia (from Sarawak)

Hoya Latifolia (Sarawak)

The Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) is a subtype of Hoya latifolia, with some differences in leaf shape and color.  While Hoya latifolia features emerald green leaves that have a tapered tip, the Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) has big, heart-shaped leaves that develop a slight reddish blush when sun-stressed. 

The leaf is about five centimetres long, and it is no wider than eight centimetres. The Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) blooms vigorously with white flowers in the spring. White can occasionally have a pink tint. The inflorescences have a star-like shape, and the flowers are arranged in tiny umbrella-like clusters.


The inflorescence consists of a number of hanging or more upright flowers arranged in an umbel. The flowers are a light cream colour. They appear to be made of wax and are born in clusters with a star-like shape. The surface of the flower is smooth and devoid of the tiny hairs typical of many other Hoya. They have a strong scent.

Like all Hoya species, H. latifolia (Sarawak) bears flowers on spurs. These emerge from the axils of the leaves and stem; they may not bear flowers at first, but eventually, buds will appear from the tips of the spurs. These same spurs produce new flowers every season, so they shouldn't be harmed or taken away.

The plant blooms from spring until late summer; on the same peduncle, it can produce umbels of 10 to 30 tiny star-shaped flowers that develop gradually over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. Early in the evening is when the scent is strongest.


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Scientific name: Hoya Latifolia ssp

Common names: Hoya 'Sarawak '

Origin: Sarawak, Indonesia

Flower colour: Cream

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae (Asclepiadaceae)

Kingdom: Plantae

Type:Flowering vine

How to care for

Hoya latifolia (Sarawak)

Growth benefits from warm temperatures and sparing fertilisation. However, the plant grows slowly, so have patience!


  • Bright indirect light
  • Temperature range 65-85 degrees F
  • Humidity range above 60%
  • Water when dry
  • Well-draining porous soil 
  • Fertilizing during the growing season

Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) Detail

Light Requirements:

  • For these plants to grow properly, they need enough sunlight. They become thinner and produce less colourful flowers if they are allowed to grow in dimly lit areas.
  • Leaves can burn in the sun. So it would be best if you provided shade for your hoya during the daytime hours of spring and summer. For the flower to appear healthy and to form buds, the daytime hours should be appropriate regularly. Even during dormancy, there should be about 10 hours of daylight.
  • The east and west windows' window sills are the easiest to maintain. The flower should be placed slightly farther back in the room when grown on the south side, and fluorescent artificial lighting is required when grown on the northern windows.

Temperature Requirements:

  • The Hoya latifolia (Sarawak)'s temperature range is comparable to that of the majority of other Hoya varieties. This denotes a constant range of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18-29 degrees C).
  • Never expose this plant for extended periods of time to temperatures below 60 degrees F (16 degrees C), as doing so could send the Hoya into shock and cause it to drop its leaves abruptly.
  • Additionally, Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) cannot endure prolonged exposure to temperatures higher than 85 degrees (29 degrees C).
  • The plant may experience much quicker drying, slowed growth, and even leaf discolouration as a result of these higher temperatures.

Humidity Requirements:

  • Tropical plants called Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) are indigenous to Borneo (Sarawak, in Southeast Asia), where humidity levels can reach levels of 70 to 95 percent! As a result, they lack adequate humidity.
  • Aim for at least 60% for the best growth. 40% humidity is manageable for the Hoya Sarawak, but it isn't ideal.
  • Consider buying a humidifier and placing it close to the Hoya if you want to raise the humidity level around the plant. An alternative is to place the Hoya latifolia (Sarawak)'s pot on a tray of pebbles.

Watering Requirements:

  • Between waterings, the Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) prefers when its soil dries out a little. The frequency of watering will vary depending on a number of variables, including the season, temperature, humidity, and the size and age of the plant.
  • During the Hoya's active growing season, it's a good idea to water the plant once every 14 days as a general rule. Those waxy, thick leaves hold water. i.e., the H. latifolia (Sarawak) doesn't require as much watering as many other common houseplants, such as the majority of Monstera and Philodendron varieties.
  • However, you should always check the soil's dryness before watering by using your finger to feel for moisture in the topsoil.

Soil Requirements:

  • The amount of nutrients in the soil mixture does not need to meet any special requirements for the plant. It needs soil that is extremely porous, well-drained, and either slightly acidic or pH neutral.
  • Light, leafy, and wet soil can be used independently to create the substrate. To enhance drainage, some coarse river sand, perlite, or vermiculite is mixed into the soil.
  • Add a little charcoal for extra nutrients, lubrication, and disinfection. To keep the pH of the soil acidic, add some finely chopped pine needles and pine bark to the soil.
  • To prevent decay, it is preferable to surround the caudex with small pebbles or coarse sand. A layer like this will make it easier for moisture to escape.

Fertilizing Requirements:

  • Hoyas don't consume a lot of food, so the Hoya latifolia (Sarawak) will only need a little fertiliser.
  • During their active growing season (spring and summer), you can give them a balanced liquid fertiliser at half-strength once a month.
  • In the autumn, cut back on feeding to no more than once every six weeks, and stop altogether in the winter.


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