Hoya Tequila Sunrise

Hoya Tequila Sunrise

Hoya Tequila sunrise is a unique and attractive flowering plant that can add a touch of color and texture to any home environment. Its exotic blooms, which come in shades of yellow and pink, are sure to draw attention. The plant is easy to care for, requiring only basic light, temperature, water, humidity, soil and fertilizing requirements. With proper maintenance, this beautiful cultivar will thrive indoors or out.

Hoya Tequila sunrise is an attractive flowering species that requires minimal effort to maintain once properly established. With its simple yet stunning yellow and pink blooms, this cultivar can bring a touch of beauty into any home environment. When given adequate light, temperature, water, humidity, soil and fertilizing requirements, the plant will continue to grow vigorously indoors or out.


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Scientific name: Hoya Insularis

Common names: N/A

Origin: Southeast Asia

Flower colour: Yellow and pink

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Type: Flowering vine


  • Does best in medium to bright indirect sunlight.
  • Temperature requirements for the plant range from 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit at night. 
  • Watering should be done when the top few inches of soil has dried out completely and the plant should be kept consistently moist but not soggy. 
  • Humidity levels between 40% and 60% are ideal for this species while soil should consist of a mixture of peat moss and perlite or potting soil with good drainage capabilities. 
  • Fertilizing can be done once every two weeks during the summer months with a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted by half its recommended strength.

Hoya Tequila Sunrise Care Detail

Light Requirements:

  • The hoya tequila sunrise is a beautiful flowering plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It needs light requirements to thrive and bloom in its optimal environment.
  • When it comes to light, the hoya tequila sunrise requires bright, indirect sunlight. If kept outdoors, it should not be placed in direct sunlight as this could harm the leaves and flowers of the plant. In addition, when placed indoors, it should be kept near a south facing window that receives lots of natural light throughout the day.
  • In order to supplement natural light, artificial lighting can be used as well. People should keep their hoya tequila sunrise plants close to grow lights or fluorescent lighting to help them photosynthesize and remain healthy. 
  • Furthermore, if there is a lack of bright and indirect sunlight available, people may need to use additional forms of lighting for their hoya tequila sunrise plants such as LED lights and spotlights.

Temperature Requirements:

  1. The temperature requirements for cultivating hoya tequila sunrise are vitally important. It is essential to provide a warm environment for the plant to thrive and grow. In order to enjoy a healthy, vibrant plant, ensure that the following conditions are met:
  • Provide temperatures between 18-25 degrees Celsius during the day, and 15-19 degrees Celsius at night.
  • Ensure that there is no sharp drop in temperature during any given 24 hour period.
  • Avoid air conditioning or drafts of cold air near the plants.
  • Keep away from windows where temperatures can become too cold at night.
  1. It is also important to remember that hoya tequila sunrise may require more humidity than other plants in order to stay healthy and blooming.
  2. To keep your plant happy and thriving, make sure that you regularly monitor temperatures and adjust accordingly if necessary.

Humidity Requirements:

  • Although the Hoya Tequila Sunrise requires minimal care, there are certain humidity requirements that should be met in order for the plant to thrive.
  • The ideal humidity range should be around 45%–60%. Too much or too little humidity can cause the leaves to drop off prematurely or result in stunted growth. Additionally, if there isn’t enough humidity, the plant will become dehydrated and its leaves may become dry and wrinkled.
  • To increase the humidity around your Hoya Tequila Sunrise, you can try several techniques such as placing a humidifier nearby or creating a pebble tray filled with water beneath the pot.
  • It is also important to mist your plants regularly with water as this will help increase the moisture in their air. You should also consider grouping plants together since they produce natural moisture from transpiration which helps maintain higher levels of humidity in their environment.
  • For best results, monitor your Hoya Tequila Sunrise carefully to ensure it is receiving enough humidity on a daily basis.

Watering Requirements:

  • When it comes to the hoya tequila sunrise, water requirements are essential for optimal growth. This houseplant requires soil that is kept evenly moist, but never soggy. The best way to ensure proper hydration is to check the soil regularly and water when the top one inch of soil feels dry.
  • It is also important to note that hoya tequila sunrise does not like its roots sitting in water. To prevent this from happening, be sure to choose a pot with drainage holes and use a fast-draining soil mix. 
  • Avoid using a saucer or tray under the pot as this can lead to root rot.
  • The hoya tequila sunrise thrives in an environment with high humidity, so misting it regularly can help keep the plant healthy and promote blooms.

Soil Requirements:

In order for it to thrive, there are certain soil requirements that must be met.

  • When planting hoya tequila sunrise, the soil should be well-draining, acidic and rich in organic matter. 
  • The pH level should range between 5.5 and 6.5 for optimal growth; if not in this range, adjustments can be made using sulfur or iron sulfate to lower the pH level or lime to raise it. 
  • A sandy loam mix is ideal for this plant as it provides good drainage while allowing some moisture retention in the soil. For best results, a potting mix with perlite should be used; this will help aerate the soil and promote drainage while also providing nutrients needed for healthy growth.
  • It is important to keep in mind that hoya tequila sunrise needs regular watering during its active growing season but no water at all during its dormant period; doing otherwise could lead to rot or other diseases due to overwatering.

Fertilizing Requirements:

When it comes to fertilizing requirements for a hoya tequila sunrise, one must be mindful of the soil’s Ph balance and nutrient levels. 

  • The ideal Ph balance should be between 6.5 and 7.5, and the soil should have the proper amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in order to help the plant thrive.
  • In order to increase these key elements in soil, it is advised to mix compost or manure with the existing soil when planting a hoya tequila sunrise. This helps provide an abundant supply of essential nutrients that will sustain the growth of your plant throughout its life cycle. 
  • Additionally, one may utilize fertilizers with slow-release compounds such as nitrate or ammonium that can stimulate growth over time without risking burnout due to over-fertilizing.
  • It is also important to ensure that there are sufficient amounts of micronutrients like iron and zinc available in order for a hoya tequila sunrise to reach its full potential.


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