Ella Hoya Package

Sale price$1,740.00
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Obovata XXL x 2 - $200
Australis Albo x 2 - $80
Verticalata Black MArgin x 2 - $60
Silver Dollar x 1 - $120
Polyneura Albo x 2 - 280
Lacunosa Amarillo x 3 - $120
Nova Ghost Large x1 - $200
Lacunosa Variegated x 4 - $260
Denissii frida x 1 - $100
Sabah RP13 x 1 - $80
NGG large x 2 - $240



If you would like to etransfer select bank deposit as payment method and then etransfer the final amount at info@hoyaobsessed.com during your checkout. If setting up question answer. Please have the word Hoya as the answer. Please and thanks!!!

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