Hoya Plant Fertilizer PRE-ORDER 2024 - Liquid Fertilizer 250ml or 1L

Sale price$50.00

You must purchase at least 2 bottles (250ml each), a 1L bottle for the order. This has been pre-selected in the options. You can purchase additional bottles by changing the options.
  • Liquid Fertilizer for Hoya Plants
  • This food for plants belongs to the latest generation of fertilizers, for healthy and bright green leaves, stable branches, strong formation, balanced rooting, very beautiful flowers.
  • Very rapid effects, can be administered via the roots and as a foliar fertilizer. For 60-125 liters (per bottle) of ready to use liquid fertilizer
  • Content: 250 ml per bottle or 1L bottle, works as an economical concentrate. Simple dosage with the help of the cap

** THIS IS A PREORDER FOR 2024. The fertilizer is being shipped from Germany in May 2024. We will ship orders upon receipt.

# of Bottles in Order (min 2 bottles selected): 2 x 250ml Bottles

If you would like to etransfer select bank deposit as payment method and then etransfer the final amount at info@hoyaobsessed.com during your checkout. If setting up question answer. Please have the word Hoya as the answer. Please and thanks!!!

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