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Fully rooted Hoya burtoniae variegated. Has 4 leaves with a growth point and planted in Jeffrey's Hoya Mix. 

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Hoya Burtoniae (Inner Variegated)

The Hoya burtoniae (inner variegated) or sometimes frewquently misnamed (variegata) is a fresh kind of hoya for collectors. This hoya has oval, fleshy leaves that come in a range of pink, green, and yellow tones in variegation. Often the variegation is a cream white to yellowish green color, which may turn a bit red or pink when the plant is sun-stressed. It looks best in hanging pots or macrames and has a lovely, overhanging habit. Small, lustrous burgundy blooms start to bloom during the flowering stage. It is considered a collector’s hoya because of its variegation pattern and difficulty in cultivation. 

This vine has a lovely appearance and is really unusual. The oval-shaped leaves on this plant are delicate and pale green. Variegation features a blending of colours, such as green, yellow, and a touch of pink, on the leaves of this unusual hoya. Given how infrequently this unique variety of hoya is offered for purchase, it would make the ideal present for a fan of the species.

Learn More About Hoya Burtoniae (Inner Variegated)


  • Full sunlight to partial shade
  • Temperatures below 55 degrees cause the plant to stop growing
  • Moderate to high humidity levels
  • Infrequent watering
  • Loose, well draining soil 
  • Infrequent fertilizing, may require diluted fertilizer during the growing season.
Learn More About Hoya Burtoniae (Inner Variegated)

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