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Fully rooted Hoya multiflora variegated. Has 7 leaves and planted in Jeffrey's Hoya Mix. Also has a penducle.

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Hoya Multiflora (Outer Margin Variegated)(Albo)

Hoya multiflora (outer margin variegated) is a variegated variety of Hoya multiflora. The Hoya Multiflora is native to Indonesia. Other common names for Hoya multiflora include Wax plant, Porcelain flower, Shooting Star Hoya, and Many Flower Hoya. Its large leaves, sturdy stems, and upright growth pattern give the plant a distinctive presence.

Hoya multiflora (outer margin variegated) features large laves with a light border and multiple shades of green splotches all over the plant. 


Large clusters of star-shaped flowers are present in this Hoya's floral arrangement, which grows and blooms effectively throughout the year.

The inflorescence consists of a number of hanging or more upright flowers arranged in an umbel. The flowers are white and yellow. They appear to be made of wax and are born in clusters with a star-like shape. The surface of the flower is smooth and devoid of the tiny hairs typical of many other Hoya. They may produce extra nectar that drips from the flowers and are strongly scented, with a faint lemon scent.

Hoya multiflora (outer margin variegated) blooms from spurs, just like all other Hoya species. These emerge from the axils of the leaves and stem; they may not bear flowers at first, but eventually buds will appear from the tips of the spurs. These same spurs produce new flowers every season, so they shouldn't be harmed or taken away.

The plant blooms from spring until late summer; on the same peduncle, it can produce umbels of 10 to 30 tiny star-shaped flowers that develop gradually over the course of 2 to 3 weeks. Early in the evening is when the scent is strongest.

Learn More About Hoya Multiflora (Outer Margin Variegated)(Albo)


  • Bright indirect light.
  • Well-draining soil with organic content.
  • Humidity range 60-80%
Learn More About Hoya Multiflora (Outer Margin Variegated)(Albo)

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