Latifolia Pot of Gold (Macrophylla) LPG001

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Fully rooted Latifolia Pot of Gold (Macrophylla) . Has 2 leaves and planted in Jeffrey's Hoya Mix.

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Hoya Latifolia 'Pot of Gold'

Hoya latifolia 'Pot of Gold' is a variegated variety of Hoya latifolia that features a wide gold-green swatch in the middle of the leaves, surrounded by a dark green margin. The leaves of Hoya latifolia 'Pot of Gold' can revert but do recover their coloration when sun stressed. The leaves feature a prominent venation pattern in addition to the variegation. 

Hoya latifolia originates in Southeast Asia, and 'Pot of Gold' is one of its many cultivars. 


Numerous flowers, either hanging or standing, form an umbel-shaped inflorescence. The blossoms have a delicate cream hue. They are born in clusters that resemble stars and have a waxy appearance. The flower is smooth and free of the tiny hairs found on many other Hoya. Their aroma is quite potent.

H. latifolia, like all Hoya species, features flowers atop spurs. These appear at the nodes where the stem meets the leaves; they may not produce flowers at first, but eventually blossoms will form at the tips of the spurs. You shouldn't mess with or remove these spurs because they keep blooming every year. 

The plant's blooming period spans from early spring to late summer, and during that time it can produce umbels of ten to thirty tiny star-shaped flowers on the same peduncle. Scents are most potent in the early evening.

Learn More About Hoya Latifolia 'Pot of Gold'


  • Bright indirect light
  • Temperature range between 55 - 70 degrees F
  • Humidity above 60%
  • Low watering
  • Organic fertilizing 
  • Well-draining organic soil
Learn More About Hoya Latifolia 'Pot of Gold'

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