Hoya heuschkeliana (albomarginata) hha004

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Well rooted Hoya heuschkeliana (albo) (outer variegated) planted in Jeffrey's Hoya mix. 

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Hoya Heuschkeliana (Outer Margin Variegated)

Hoya heuschkeliana (outer margin variegation) is an epiphytic hoya that is native to the Philippines. It is incorrectly named albomarginata due to its striking white, thin border along the the leaves. The proper way to name this hoya is using parentheses (outer margin variegation)

During the warmer months, this species grows tiny green leaves on trailing branches and a number of clusters of flowers. Hoya heuschkeliana (outer margin variegation) thrives in a variety of conditions and grows quickly. The leaves of the Hoya heuschkeliana (outer margin variegation) are thick and waxy, with a lovely emerald green coloration. Due to its thick leaves, it is often termed as a succulent. The upper surfaces are a paler shade of green than the lower ones. Sizes range from 1.2 to 3 inches in length and width.

Hoya heuschkeliana (outer margin variegation) grows blooms that come in many colors, including butter yellow and pink, although pink to dark pink blooms are more common. It's adaptable enough to thrive in pots or on the ground. Hoya heuschkeliana variagated is its scientific name.

It grows well when hung in baskets or wrapped around a support, such as a trellis.

Learn More About Hoya Heuschkeliana (Outer Margin Variegated)


  • Less watering 
  • Temperature range 60 degrees F and above, but not more than 75 degrees F
  • Humidity range 60% and above
  • Well-draining loose organic soil
  • Bright indirect light
Learn More About Hoya Heuschkeliana (Outer Margin Variegated)

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