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Well rooted Hoya krohniana black planted in Jeffrey's Hoya mix. Enjoy the heart-shaped dark leaves and the fragrant flowers.

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Hoya Krohniana (Black Leaf)

Hoya krohniana is an epiphytic climbing vine native to the Philipines that features pretty heart-shaped leaves and blossoms that are similar to Hoya lacunosa. These flowers grow in umbels of twelve and give off a sweet scent. The Hoya krohniana was named after the botanist Philip Krohn. 

The Hoya krohniana  has two cultivars that are prized among plant enthusiasts: 

  • (Super Silver)
  • Black leaf

Hoya krohniana Black Leaf

The Hoya krohniana (Black Leaf), is a cultivar of Hoya Krohniana that features pretty heart-shaped leaves that are deep purple and look almost black. Considered a cousin of the Hoya Lacunosa, the Hoya Krohniana Black is rarity among the hoyas.. Given the right conditions, the Hoya krohniana (Black Leaf) puts out small blooms that give off a sweet scent. However, many Hoya krohniana (Black Leaf) do es not bloom indoors, perhaps because they require exacting conditions that need to be maintained well.

Learn More About Hoya Krohniana (Black Leaf)


  • Moderate care
  • High humidity at 60-70%
  • Slightly acidic soil
  • Airy substrate
  • Temperature 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Coco peat, perlite or African Violet mix
Learn More About Hoya Krohniana (Black Leaf)

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