Hoya parviflora PAR001

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Well rooted Hoya parviflora planted in Jeffrey's Hoya mix. Very splashy leaved hoya and fast grower.

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Hoya Parviflora

The lowland forests of Thailand and Burma are home to the Hoya parviflora, which was first described in 1834.

When compared to other hoya species, this one is relatively diminutive. The fast-growing stems intertwine with those of nearby hoyas, but the stalks' slenderness makes them ideal for wrapping around a trellis to create a dense canopy of foliage. In bright light, the leaves may change colour and take on a striking red hue, revealing their distinctively elongated, narrow form and sharply pointed tips. The dark green leaves have a few scattered grey spots and an irregular edge. 


The umbels are only 2 cm in diameter, and the flowers are only 0.5 cm in size. It barely emits any aroma at all. The flowers are a pastel shade of red, orange, and white. The blossoms bring to mind a snowball fight. Miniature, 5-pointed stars, coloured a very pale yellow, appear in the flower's centre. A flower's colour may range from yellow to pink, or vice versa. Fragrance from the flower is consistently pleasant, mild, and slightly floral.

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  • Bright, indirect light
  • Temperature range 40-50 degrees F
  • Moderate humidity 
  • Well-draining organic soil.
  • Less watering 
  • Organic fertilizing once a month during the growing season.
Learn More About Hoya Parviflora

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